• Lunefe Confecções

    Lunefe has 25 years experience and Excellent Services.

  • Lunefe Confecções

    Especializada em Corte & Costura, a Lunefe proporciona um excelente serviço.

  • Lunefe Confecções

    Todo o tipo de vestuário interior masculino, feminino e infantil.

  • Lunefe Confecções

    Mão de obra altamente especializada, equipamento de topo e materia prima de qualidade.

  • Lunefe Confecções

    Condições estruturais que permitem responder com eficiência a qualquer solicitação.

About Us

Founded in January 1989 by managing partners Manuel Mendes and M ª Albertina Marques Mendes and managed since 2010 by Luis Mendes and Manuel Mendes, sons of the founders, the LUNEFE - CONFECÇÕES, LDA, based in Sande S. Clement, Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães, Portugal, is a company that manufactures men's, women's and children's underwear.With the change in the administration of the company in 2010, was started an ambitious project of equipment modernization and training of human resources in order to achieve a higher volume of sales and exports.

One of the most important milestones in this process was the creation in 2013 of the Spanish subsidiary LUNEFE NRV CONFECCIONES SL, which enhance, even more, the exports in the Iberian market through closer customer business and logistics process. The company's technological, organizational and logistical skills combined with the know-how acquired over 25 YEARS of activity, positions them at the forefront of fashion men's underwear industry at European level. All of its production is exported to several European markets, such as Spanish, French, German and Danish.

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Services, since 1989

With a completely vertical structure, the group specializes in Cutting & Sewing, providing its customers with excellent service, from development, R & D, production and distribution.

Lunefe bets on the philosophy that the quality of their services and products should always be the highest. Therefore, it has made ??over the years a constant focus on the most advanced technologies and a body of highly qualified professionals, allowing respond quickly, flexibly and effectively to market demands.

The company manufactures all kinds of underwear and also possess equipment for placement of the elastic strap on tubular.

Service Features:

- Own Sewing;
- Adaptable Prices;
- Quality and Know-How.

Talk with us

(+351) 253 575 497 / 253 175 697

Rua da Industria 15, Zona Industrial de Vila Nova de Sande 4805-620 Guimarães.